@WeRWorld - Community Guidelines

WeRWorld is an inclusive community, where we want everyone to feel welcome, and, above all, safe - both hosts and followers. The following are unacceptable, from followers or hosts:

Followers, or anyone else interacting with the account engaging in any of these behaviours will be blocked, and reported. Hosts doing so will be removed, and tweets deleted.

If anyone suffers any abuse (from followers or hosts,) or is in any other way made to feel uncomfortable, please contact admin, and include screenshots, if possible/appropriate.

The primary language for the account is English, but hosts speaking other languages are encouraged to tweet in those other languages as well, as long as people don't get left out. Please bear in mind that English is often a second (or third, or more) language for many people, and it is neither polite nor appropriate to "correct" their English, unless they ask specifically for advice.

Direct Messages - please note that direct messages sent to/from the @WeRWorld account are NOT private, may be seen by future hosts, and will definitely be seen the account administrator. To help keep this a safe space for hosts, DMs are CLOSED - only people @WeRWorld follows are able to message.

Caption your images! Please consider visually impaired/blind followers when tweeting images to the account, and add image descriptions. You can find some guidance on how to describe images on the following pages. (Links open in new tab/window).

Questions? Suggestions? Feedback on our guidelines is always welcome, just contact us.