@WeRWorld - COVID-19 Support

WeRWorld is a global RoCur, and the world is facing a global problem in the form of the COVID-19 coronavirus. What can a Twitter RoCur do to help? As the administrator, I (@smiffy) am not entirely sure, but we are already a community, and I feel that we can at least offer moral support, especially for those who have been thrown into a state of unaccustomed isolation.

Worried? Cabin-fever? We see you; let's get through this as a community.

I have created this page as a point where resources can be listed, ideas shared, and the WeRWorld community can rally together and help each other. Got any ideas? Contact me through Twitter (link above) or mail werworld@pm.me. Let's make this work!


Update - 2020-03-24

From Sunday, March the 29th, the @WeRWorld RoCur will be hosted by @_ohsodelightuful, @EllieDOfficial, and myself. We will be starting conversations, getting people talking, sharing resources, and generally building community. If the current situation is making you lonely, afraid, or giving you cabin fever, you are not alone - come and join us!

As Twitter isn't really geared up to be a chat system, or a subject for telephony, we will be trialling other platforms, such as Zoom, and Discord. Details will be available initially through the RoCur feed, and here, on this page.

Discord users - DM or mail me for an invite to the WeRWorld server. I'm user smiffy#3293 - feel free to add me.